Unique jewelry

In Kultakiila we make your jewelry dreams come true. We use precious metals and different stones, both precious stones, ornamental stones and synthetic stones, when making jewelry. We help you design the jewelry of your dreams and help with choosing materials. These pieces are made with love at our workshop.

A white gold pendant designed with the customer.
More pictures of unique pieces can be found in the gallery.

Repairing of old jewelry

Do you have jewelry that needs cleansing, maitenance or bigger repairings? We´ll be happy to help. Old jewelry can also be modified, for exemple a ring can be made to a pendant.

Engraving makes jewelry more personal

Both old and new jewelry gets a personal touch when it´s engraved. The engraving can be either text or for example an ornament. Also glass objects can be engraved. When there is need for many engravings, for example medals or pocals the engravings, you can also choose machine engraving instead of hand engraving.